Lisa Jacobs Design



For this project, I turned to my other favourite past-time, which is cooking. One of my favourite dishes comes from the Land of the Rising Sun. In the form of sushi to be precise. But many sushi restaurants revert back to standardised imagery of rolls, maki or a simple fish. But sushi is more than just that. Sushi is also a culinary artform. With that in mind, I worked on several sketches. In my mind, Yumi is a restaurant where delicious sushi should be served, true Japanese style.


The idea was to create a sushi logo that would imply the basics of the dish, but with such style that it would the artform from the kitchen that it truly is. But more important, the objective I set for myself was to create an icon that is widely recognizable and stands out among the others in the sushi branch of cooking and restaurants.


I created a logo with a parted fish, specifically three parts of a Japanese tuna which makes up several dishes; akami, chutoro and otoro. The colours I chose with black being the formal colour. The red is derived from the Japanese flag. This lovely contrast is easy on the eyes but also easy to recognize, together with the three-parted fish.