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The Essentials

I am often asked to create only a logo as part of a not yet existing brand identity.
Totally logical, because creating a complete corporate identity can be very expensive and time consuming.

However, what most people won’t tell you is that context is just as important as your logo. If you want to leave a memorable and consistent impression for your customer, then the way you communicate with them has to be streamlined on all levels. 

I designed the Essential Package to help creating that bit of context to your brand in the shape of a basic Brand Identity.

The idea behind this package is that you get a base for a complete corporate identity without having to invest in a lot of elements around it to have a clear picture of what your brand looks like, which is often the case.

For who?



Design is the silent
ambassador of your brand.

Paul Rand

Best known for his corporate logo designs,
including the logos for IBM, UPS, Enron, Morningstar, Inc., Westinghouse, ABC, and NeXT.

What is the process?

It is very important for us both that I get a full idea of what your brand is.
That’s why I’m fully available inbetween calls for any questions, advice and consultation.


Introduction Call

We schedule an introduction call where I ask you basic questions about your business, ambitions for your business and planning. This call is to really make sure we are a good fit.

This call is free in order to make sure for both of us that we are a good fit.


Assessment & Research

I send you an assessment designed by me in which you have the opportunity to tell me everything that is valuable for me to know in this process. I research your anwsers for the next call.


Research, and Moodboard Call

In this call I present you my findings in my research with the help of your assessment and present you with a moodboard to vizualize the direction I want to take your brand to.


Logo & Stylescape

During this time I design your Stylescape to provide context with your new designed logo. 


Presentation Call

In this call I present you with the new designed brand. You’ll have the space after to think about additional feedback.



When the brand is approved you’ll get your personal designed Stylescape and your logo in PMS (Pantone), CMYK, RGB, Grayscale and monotone. You’ll receive a personal ‘How-to-use-guide- for all file formats.

Stylescape Alix Rufas

So what is Stylescape
and how does it help me?

A Stylescape is a curated collection of images, textures, typography, and colors that communicate a certain look and feel. It defines the visual direction and gives you a crystal-clear picture of their brand identity.

Stylescapes are designed to be shared with you before the visual design phase to make sure everyone’s in agreement with the direction. When we sign off on a modern, clean, and simple design, you have a visual reference tool to communicate exactly what that might look like.

I use this method in my Essentials Package to offer brand identities to companies who need one, but don’t have the need (yet) to have their branding done extensively. It can function as a pocket version of a Brand Identity Manual.

your plan

Decide what plan fits best for your company. Do you miss any additional stationery items that would be useful for you?

No worries. I’ll be happy to think with you for the best solution.

The Essentials

The Premium

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

There are many designers that show multiple concepts. In my experience, when your designer shows you more than one concept, he/she already knows which is the best, and will is hope you will pick it.

I decided to skip this risky game of giving clients choice for choice’s sake. Instead of leaving the work of refining a “not quite right” logo to you, the client, I put more upfront work into understanding your brand.

If I understand your brand, I can hit on one best solution out of the gate. I want to create a design that exceeds your expectations, delights your customers, and helps you meet goal after goal.

What if we don’t hit it out of the park on the first design concept?

I never force a client to accept a concept, or press forward trying to revise the wrong concept. In our partnership, we are the design experts, but you are always the expert on your own business.

If you don’t believe my design idea will help you meet your goals or work for your brand, we’ll start again from scratch. If the first design is not right, it’s almost always because I didn’t have all the info we needed. So we go back to the research and discovery phase, and then begin again with a stronger understanding of the project.

This is something that almost never happens. So if it does turn out that I didn’t understand something important about your brand, of course we go back and make it right.

Every client gets max. 2 rounds of revisions for every piece of a project. No one is stuck with our first idea if it’s not right.


Do you have any burning questions left?

Let me know by e-mail and I’ll get back to you!