Lisa Jacobs Design

Starters Valley


Starters Valley is a co-working space, located in the centre of Maastricht, The Netherlands.
It was initiated by a team consisting of entrepreneurs, students and several companies.
he idea behind it was to strengthen the idea of sharing knowledge = empowerment and the drive for entrepreneurial spirit.
I was tasked to develop the house style for this initiative and to show off its future potential of a true knowledge hub.


The objective here was to create a house style that was the perfect blend of attractiveness, empowerment, entrepreneurship and knowledge. These four aspects are usually hard to combine into one recognizable style. It had to reflect an active community, where learning from others and contributing to the learning of others, individuals can reach their personal goals faster.


I chose to go with a yellow colour scheme. This colour often signifies knowledge, learning and concentration. These aspects are what make the Starters Valley what it is today; a hub for learning and knowledge sharing. The logo reflects the process of innovation as I experienced it; you go up and sometimes down, but a big up then follows. Innovation is never a straight line.