Lisa Jacobs Design

Innovation Factory


The Brightlands Innovation Factory (BIF) is a sub-division and institution related to the provicially led program Brightlands in the Dutch province of Limburg. The idea behind the Brightlands Innovation Factory is to stimulate innovative ideas in various fields of expertise. Whether it was materials, chemistry, health, nutrition or big data. Brightlands Innovation Factory was set up to help start-up companies from expanding their idea to physical work spaces and funding. It was a knowledge-based operations with many entrepreneurs looking to incubate, accelerate, validate and scale up. The institution goes beyond what big brother Brightlands does, that was why BIF asked me to develop a new style that stood out from the parent institution. It was time for BIF themselves to accelerate and validate.


My objective was set as follows; develop a new corporate identity and branding that stands out from the rest of Brightlands. The goal was to show the true colours of BIF by mirroring the entrepreneurial spirit that we emulate. It wasn’t just designing a new logo, the entire presentation of the company to the outside world had to be re-done.


The company is a place where ideas and companies grow and innovation happens. To reflect this culture within the company, I looked back at when we as kids play with lego and build amazing things from scratch. The blocks serve as our first interaction with innovation and building. This is how the concept of this brand was born. ‘Brightlands Innovation Factory’ had the ambition to proceed as ‘Innovation Factory’, which gave me the opportunity to invent the ‘What IF’ campaign that revolves around ideas and dreams.