Lisa Jacobs Design

The Flower Patch


Flowers and plants are all around my house.
It creates that extra feeling of ‘home’. I wanted to design something that would suit a flower shop for two lovely entrepreneurs.
It wouldn’t just be a florist, but more of a garden where customer can pick their own flowers.


Create a clear and recognizable icon and style for a widely applicable, horticulture-related business that is accessible for everyone. It had to be inviting, even when you’re feeling a bit low sometimes. I needed to create an identity that adds experience of receiving a lovely bouquet. Because it’s not one that you easily pick-up at the store, but one that is carefully selected by your loved ones.


A rose-red backdrop with a white icon, surrounded by an oval border. This represents the greenhouse setting I’d run my business in. Also, the red and white combination looks friendly and passionate, something flowers can easily emulate. A bouquet of red roses is surely passionate for instance.