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Alix Rufas Rebranding


Alix is a thriving leadership and business coach working with entrepreneurial humans worldwide.
To date, Alix has successfully coached, trained and mentored over 200 humans worldwide through her workshops, high-end retreats and exclusive 1-1 coaching.

Alix’s clients are based worldwide. Most of their work is done online.
Most clients are based in Northern Europe:  Germany, The Netherlands, The UK and also Austria.
But there’s also humans in Romania, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Canada, The US and Latin America.


Alix wanted a no-nonsense brand that is all about transforming people. She wanted to express the  that what she looks for in clients; high impact, electric, life-changing, pumped and epic.

She takes pride in getting the right clients to match with her clientbase for her retreats as well. Working with Alix means you get an exclusive spot in a high-energy community.



For Alix’s brand I created a high-contrast identity where her logo mark is key in all her communication. The logo is playful by character and is all about moving forward and making steps. 


The photography style was set with Goldenhourpictures photographer Tina.
She captures Alix and her retreats perfectly in a way that matches the rebranding.
he tropical, luxurious and energetic vibe accurately communicates what Alix and her retreats are like.


In this project we made the use of Stylescapes to create a clear picture of what Alix’s brand should  express.

These stylescapes give a brand a huge advantage in strategy development. Are you interested to know more about the advantages of stylescapes in brand strategy? Go to my Essentials Branding Package to see how I use them in my process.